Course Description

Do you struggle with powerful sugar and carb cravings? Feel hungry all day long? Wish you could have more energy and release unwanted weight? Want more better brain function and more balanced moods? Then you should consider a break from sugar!

This Course is designed to:

  • Shatter the common myths surrounding sugar & help you understand how it is sneaking in and adding up all day long
  • Understand the underlying causes of cravings - and provide targeted ways to prevent them (including supplements)
  • Help you breakthrough the most common roadblocks to success
  • Give you mental and physical tools to get past sugar cravings
  • Educate you about the health implications of excess sugar in the diet and it's impact on metabolism & health
  • Help you identify & connect to your motivation & keep you on task

The goal of this course is to help you transform your health and life by getting control of your blood sugar - for good this time!!

What you get:
  • Break up with Sugar eCookbook (value $29.00) - A beautiful cookbook with over 60 delicious & satisyfing recipes
  • A sample meal plan & shopping guide
  • Access to the online classroom with over 15 video lessons/presentations and resources
  • Worksheets, activities and downloads to help you create new & lasting habits
  • Supplements and Superfoods eGuide (value $29.00) - detailed guide explaining supplements and superfoods to support your break up with sugar!
  • An online Facebook community to get support, share thoughts & post questions
Some potential benefits of a sugar detox:
  • Release unwanted weight
  • Reduce hunger and cravings
  • Change your tastebuds so you crave less sweets
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Better focus/brain function
  • Improved energy
  • Deeper sleep
  • Less stress
  • Improved mood
  • Better immunity
  • Balance hormones
  • Slow down aging
  • Improved liver function
  • Lower cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Reduced your risk of disease

Not Sure Why You Should You Break up with Sugar?

Read these 20 Reasons to Break up with Sugar

Nutritionist & Author of The Perfect Metabolism Plan

Sara Vance

Our health and our weight is not a factor of eating less and exercising more - it is dictated by our metabolism. When the metabolism is out of balance, our weight can be, as well as many other aspects of our health. My book The Perfect Metabolism Plan breaks it into 10 keys. Key #1 is to "Break up with Sugar." But as a former sugar junkie myself, I know it is not an easy thing to do. That is why I created the Break up with Sugar eCourse - to guide and support people that want to change their relationship with sugar and take back the control. It is step #1 in achieving optimal health and weight.Other important keys to a optimal metabolism include - improving hydration, detoxification, healing digestion, identifying food intolerances, getting high quality nutrition, exercising smarter (not harder), and more.My eCourses are all designed to help you optimize your metabolism and health.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome Video [1:30 minute video]

    • Disclaimer - please take a moment to complete these 2 questions

    • Welcome / Intro Presentation [18 minute video]

    • What does it mean to "Break up with Sugar?"

    • What to Expect. Four Phases of Your Break Up

  • 2

    Phase 1: AWAKEN. Module 1: Get Aware of How Much Sugar You Are Eating

    • Sugar Myth # 1 - But I Don't Eat Much Sugar! [8 minute video]

    • Take Action: Track Your Sugar & Connect Your Food to your [Word doc Download: Food Mood Journal]

    • Setting Intentions & The Law of Detachment

  • 3

    Phase 1: AWAKEN. Module 2: Am I Ready to & Do I Need to Break up?

    • Take Action Exercise: The Positives & Negatives of Sugar in your Life [PDF Worksheet Download]

    • Pushing Past our Fears & Negative Thoughts

    • "The Awaken Phase" [video: 5 min]

    • Energy Healing Exercise with Ashley Lee Healing™ [Audio: 13:22 mins] - $500 value Bonus!

  • 4

    Phase 1: PREPARE. Module 4: Supplements to Support Your Break up

    • A Little Help...How Targeted Supplementation can Support You

    • Supplement Guide - Dosages & Recommendations [PDF download]

  • 5

    Phase 1: PREPARE. Module 4: How Much is too Much & Tools to Get Ready to Break Up

    • How Much Sugar is Too Much? [23 minute video]

    • Take Action: Get the Temptations OUT! (pantry cleaning)

    • Take Action: Creating Your WHY

  • 6

    Phase Two: BREAK UP. Re-writing Your Health Story

    • My Health Story & Three Keys for Change.

    • Choose Your Own Adventure Story [video: 5 mins]

    • Take Action! Write Your Break up with Sugar Letter!!!

  • 7

    Phase Two: BREAK UP. THE TOOLS! Recipes, Shopping Guide, Meal Planner & More!! [DOWNLOADS]

    • How to use the cookbook, shopping list & meal plan

    • The Break up with Sugar Cookbook [PDF Download]

    • Shopping List / Pantry Clean up Tips / Other Helpful Tips [PDF download]

    • Meal Planning Guide [PDF download]

  • 8

    Phase Two: BREAK UP. Module 1: Fat is Your Friend.

    • Sugar Myth# 3: Why Low Fat Foods Are Not "Healthier" [video: 25 mins]

  • 9

    Phase Two: BREAK UP Understanding Carbs, Whole Wheat & Resistant Starch

    • Are Carbs "Bad"? [Video presentation: 20 mins]

    • What about "Healthy" Whole Wheat? [Video Presentation: 13 mins.]

    • Does Low Sugar Mean Low Carb?

  • 10

    Phase Two: BREAK UP. Keep Your Head in the Game - Mindfulness & Cravings

    • Mindfulness & a Marshmallow - Delaying Gratification

    • Mindfulness [Video: 7 mins]

    • Am I Really Hungry? Practicing Mindfulness

    • Dealing with Cravings 101

    • Take Action: Your 10 (or more) Distractions!!

  • 11

    Phase Two: BREAK UP. Stay Motivated - The Health Impact of Excess Sugars

    • The Health Impact of Excess Sugars - Video [2mins]

    • Sugar Myth #4: "Harmless Empty Calories" [Video: 8:52 mins]

    • Sugar Myth - Harmless Empty Calories [PDF download}

  • 12

    Checking in - Survey #1

    • Survey #1

  • 13

    Phase Two: Break Up: Stress, Sugar & Caffeine - Partners in Crime

    • Stress, Sugar, Caffeine (Wine too) - Partners in Crime [Video Presentation 25 mins]

  • 14

    Phase Three: Moving On. Why Ignorance Isn't Bliss & Recognizing "The Shift"

    • Why We Avoid Change & Ignorance isn't bliss. [video: 11:27 mins]

  • 15

    Phase Three: Moving On

    • Are There Any "Healthy Alternatives" to Sugar? [Video Presentation: 18 min]

    • Now What? Moving on.... [Video presentation: 11 mins]

Break up with Sugar Program

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