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Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate is chapter one in The Perfect Metabolism Plan - because proper hydration is fundamental to every aspect of our health and metabolism. Our bodies are between 60-70 % water - found in blood, lymph, urine, tears, sweat, digestive tract, in every organ and also our brain.

Most people don't drink enough fluids - making them chronically dehydrated, which can affect our metabolism and health.

Nutritionist & Author of The Perfect Metabolism Plan

Sara Vance

Our health and our weight is not a factor of eating less and exercising more - it is dictated by our metabolism. When the metabolism is out of balance, our weight can be, as well as many other aspects of our health. My book The Perfect Metabolism Plan breaks it into 10 keys. Key #1 is to "Break up with Sugar." But as a former sugar junkie myself, I know it is not an easy thing to do. That is why I created the Break up with Sugar eCourse - to guide and support people that want to change their relationship with sugar and take back the control. It is step #1 in achieving optimal health and weight.Other important keys to a optimal metabolism include - improving hydration, detoxification, healing digestion, identifying food intolerances, getting high quality nutrition, exercising smarter (not harder), and more.My eCourses are all designed to help you optimize your metabolism and health.

Course curriculum

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    The Hydration Challenge

    • The Hydration Challenge [Video Presentation: 24 mins]

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    Resources - recommended books, products, etc.

    • The Hydration Challenge Guide & Recipe Book {PDF download]

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